Synformers Episode 38 – YES! YES! YES!

We have had this episode in the can (so to speak) for about a week and FINALLY it is here for your enjoyment!

This episode we come back from vacation and play catch-up to everyone and let you know exactly what we did and where we went, so lets get up to date!

Along with our Vacation re-cap we also have a bunch of our usual news, updates, and segments…we also cover Mel Gibson insanity, The Death of Dick Clark and an update on My Strange Addiction with a girl who is addicted to Piss…lovely.

So if this sounds good to you check it out below!

Again a big thanks to DJ Cutman for his song Touhou Project – U.N. Owen Remix, for more on DJ Cutman head over to his website at’s a good dude.

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